"Our Main Line Sewer backed up into the house over the weekend, which caused my family some real head aches! Called Dean at 9am and he was there by 9:50. Already had the drain snaked out and rootered to fix the problem on hand..."

Sarah Dempsy

Leaking Pipes Found and Repaired at Affordable Prices

If you could see some of the studies done on the average amount of water lost to the typical suburban home you would be amazed.  It is a tremendous amount of water lost each day, each year, and each minute, in homes just like yours.  Most of these leaks come in the form of tiny leaks spread beneath a home in the many pipes that lead from your home to sewers.  Underground leaks are a major problem and Irvine residents know that they can turn to us for help.  We are the experts who can handle the water leak detection Irvine residents need.

Irvine Leak Detection at Prices Your Budget Will Love!

Beyond underground leaks there is also a need for slab leak detection and repair Irvine which can damage your home and cost you money.  Many of these leaks are buried beneath the ground and you wouldn’t be able to detect them yourself.  That’s why we handle the water leak detection Irvine residents need.  We specialize in leak detection so that leaks are stopped fast and fixed right and your home is made safe, secure and less expensive.  Our specialists have access to the best plumbing leak detection equipment that is available to us.  We’ll find any leaks that are on your property and get them fixed so that you can relax and not worry about money lost to undetected leaks.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair

We can help any and all Irvine residents with their underground leak and slab leaks.  We will also deal with any water pipe leak detection and repair that might be in and around your Irvine home.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us and we will send out a specialist who will be able to handle any underground leaks or problems that they find.


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